17 Quick and Easy Makeup Ideas for Summer

Even though summer can make you feel more melty than an ice cream – it’s no excuse to neglect your makeup. Whether you fancy a dewy look or more of a bronzed Goddess glow – we have the looks for you!
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Glowing Skin + Glossy Lips

Glowing Skin Glossy Lips
Tutorial Glowing Skin + Glossy Lips


2. Amazing Blue Eyes

Amazing Blue Eyes
Tutorial Amazing Blue Eyes


3. Summer Bronze Glow

Summer Bronze Glow
Tutorial Summer Bronze Glow


4. Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding
Tutorial Summer Wedding


5. Peachy Coral Makeup

Peachy Coral Makeup
Tutorial Peachy Coral Makeup


6. Soft Lilac

Soft Lilac
Tutorial Soft Lilac


7. Summer Getaway Look

Summer Getaway Look
Tutorial Summer Getaway Look


8. Bold Lips + Rose Gold Eyes

Bold Lips Rose Gold Eyes
Tutorial Bold Lips + Rose Gold Eyes


9. Barely There

Barely There
Tutorial Barely There


10. Pop of Color Smokey Eye

Pop of Color Smokey Eye
Tutorial Pop of Color Smokey Eye


11. No Makeup Makeup Look

No Makeup Makeup Look
Tutorial No Makeup Makeup Look


12. Glossy Glow

Glossy Glow
Tutorial Glossy Glow


13. Copper + Coral

Copper Coral
Tutorial Copper + Coral


14. Fresh Faced Look

Fresh Faced Look
Tutorial Fresh Faced Look


15. Frosty Rose Lids

Frosty Rose Lids
Tutorial Frosty Rose Lids


16. Greens + Neutrals

Greens Neutrals
Tutorial Greens + Neutrals


17. Neon Ombre Liner

Neon Ombre Liner
Tutorial Neon Ombre Liner


18. Smokey Summer Moss

Smokey Summer Moss
Tutorial Smokey Summer Moss

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