Glitter Tip Nails with Gold Striping

cute striped nails
Coral stripes
gold and pink stripes
mixed striped nails
mixed striped nails
pink and black stripes
pink and gold stripes
pink n white striped nails
pink stripes
Simple And Cute Nail Art Designs
striped nail art
striped nails with flowers
teal and silver stripes
trellis striped nails
white and grey striped nails
white gold and pink striped nails

This is an awesome variation of the French manicure and is super easy to achieve. Glitter nails with gold striping (you can mix and match the nail polish colors you want to use depending on what you’re going to wear) are perfect for any gala event, weddings or just a special occasion where you want to look your best.

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beautiful striped nails
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