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I’ve rounded up 29 creative kid birthday party themes to help you get the party started! This giant list of kid party themes is divided into categories to make planning your child’s birthday party as easy as possible. Whether your kiddo loves art or building, we want to help you find the perfect party!



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[expand title=””] Party animal theme is perfect for any age or gender. I also love the simple decorations that go so well with a party animal birthday. For table centerpieces, consider spray painting plastic animals bold colors and make them tiny party hats. For party favors at my son’s 1st birthday, I handed out rubber ducks with party hats.

A carnival theme sets the stage for all kinds of fun games and activities for kids of all ages. Think: Ring toss, face painting, knock the cans over, a simple bowling game, dance party, or a photo booth. Renting a cotton candy machine would be a fun extra to a carnival themed birthday party.

If you’re looking for simple and inexpensive birthday idea, consider a breakfast birthday party. What kid doesn’t love pancakes, donuts and juice for breakfast? Best part? Have the party at a local breakfast joint that has a playground for a built in activity plus leave the mess at the restaurant.