24 Easy Fall Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Fall is only round the corner so it’s time to get your eyes looking warm and sparkly with these fab makeup looks. From shiny metallics to vampy lips – you will be the belle of the fall!
(tutorial links are below each image)


1. Glam + Bold Dark Red Lips

Glam Bold Dark Red Lips
Tutorial Glam + Bold Dark Red Lips


2. Green Smoke

Green Smoke
Tutorial Green Smoke


3. Doll Face

Doll Face
Tutorial Doll Face


4. Romantic Fall Date Night

Romantic Fall Date Night
Tutorial Romantic Fall Date Night


5. Purple Smoke

Purple Smoke
Tutorial Purple Smoke


6. Matte Orange

Matte Orange
Tutorial Matte Orange


7. Ibiza

Tutorial Ibiza


8. Simple Eyes & Faux Freckles

Simple Eyes Faux Freckles
Tutorial Simple Eyes & Faux Freckles


9. Burgundy Smokey Eyes

Burgundy Smokey Eyes
Tutorial Burgundy Smokey Eyes


10. Deep Metallic Golden Eyes

Deep Metallic Golden Eyes
Tutorial Deep Metallic Golden Eyes


11. Purple Smokey Cat Eye

Purple Smokey Cat Eye
Tutorial Purple Smokey Cat Eye


12. Big Eyes + Red Ombre Lips

Big Eyes Red Ombre Lips
Tutorial Big Eyes + Red Ombre Lips


13. Daytime Mauve

Daytime Mauve
Tutorial Daytime Mauve


14. Winged Crimson Lips

Winged Crimson Lips
Tutorial Winged Crimson Lips


15. Copper Plum

Copper Plum
Tutorial Copper Plum


16. Wearable

Tutorial Wearable


17. Affordable

Tutorial Affordable


18. Sunrise

Tutorial Sunrise


19. Toasted Leaves

Toasted Leaves
Tutorial Toasted Leaves


20. Gold Eyes & Berry Lips

Gold Eyes Berry Lips
Tutorial Gold Eyes & Berry Lips


21. Autumn Ombré

Autumn Ombré
Tutorial Autumn Ombré


22. Shiny Apple

Shiny Apple
Tutorial Shiny Apple


23. Cat Eye Vampy Lips

Cat Eye Vampy Lips
Tutorial Cat Eye Vampy Lips


24. Cranberry & Gold

Cranberry Gold
Tutorial Cranberry & Gold

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