DIY Summer Life Hacks for Teen Girls

For a temporary tattoo put sunscreen in the design of your choice and lay out
During the summer I will put a silly band on my stomach so when I get tanned and take off the silly band it will look like a cool tattoo
Get a Sun Tan Tattoo
Just put sunscreen where you want your tattoo to be and It will be white
Silly band tan lines
Summer tattoos with silly bands

We’ve got all the best ideas for summer like waterproof eye definer, waterproof mascara, mosquito repllent candles, glowstick fairy jars and awesome pool floats! For example, you could put a silly band on your stomach like below and at the end of the day remove it and then you’ve got a really cool tan “tattoo”!

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Great idea on how to get a sun tattoo just glue a paper to u of any shape you want so cool
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