DIY ‘I Love You Card’ for Mothers Day

Another purpose for a pop bottle Dip the bottom of the bottle into paint and then press on paper Great for young kids
Cute tote bag for Moms day You can have your child use their fingerprints for the bee and ladybugs
daddy mommy and me
Fun card to make for family for birthdays
Hand print flowers Lovely Mothers Day craft for pre school children
handprint flower art
handprint flower card for mothers day
handprint tote bag for mothers day
Handprints on canvas bag Easy gift for toddler to give to grandparent
Mason jar toddler hand prints for Mothers Day
Mix Elmers glue with food coloring and paint on the jar Let dry Then put handprint on Dry Use clear coat to make shinny and protect it
mothers day handprint card
Mothers Day pre school and babies craft idea
Mothers Day vases Mason jars with acrylic paint Handprints of kids
These are mason jar vases for artificial flowers painted on the inside with acrylic paint
This is a great project for little hands This tote bag will make a great gift for mom or grandmother
Toddler handpreint craft
blowing hearts
bunch of hearts
flower box
flower pot card
pallet sign

With Mothers Day just around the corner why not teach your kids how to make this adorable “I Love You To Pieces Card”. So you’ll need to grab some cardstock, markers or crayons and tissue paper. Start off by tracing around your childrens hands (which will be a great keepsake for the future!) and then all you need to do is cut out the two handprints to make the heart in the middle. This would also be a great Mothers day gift for grandma!

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Tutorial DIY ‘I Love You Card’ for Mothers Day | Buy on Amazon Cardstock

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